Thursday, 13 October 2016

Busting myths about our postgrad programme...

We try our very best to make what Postgrad involves as clear as day to prospective students. But students on the programme often have a different experience to what they expect - and some of them teamed up with us to bust myths for you!

First up we have Kate, who’s wanted to voice her opinion on the idea that our postgrad’s for the more experienced educator:

Second on this no-particular-order list is Barend, here to alter the expectation of extensive digital involvement in the programme:

Thirdly, thank Amabel for shattering this myth for you:

These are only a few of a long list of educators happily putting their faces and voices out there to make your postgrad journey exactly what you expected. You can find the other myths and busters on our Facebook page: Thank them later - literally - if you see them at one of our labs!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Taking tech on a field day with Alison Digweed

When we say our Postgrad Programme is suitable for any educator, we mean it. Take Alison Digweed as a prime example.

Alison is an Agriculture and Horticulture Science teacher at Te Kauwhata College, Hamilton, and recently ticked our Postgrad Programme off her to-do list. How did she adapt her learnings to suit her own subject? In more innovative ways than one, is all we'll say!

Hear it from Alison herself:

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Gisborne schools are jam-packed with 21st Century educators

Gisborne schools are jam-packed with 21st Century educators implementing brand new, contemporary processes since starting Postgrad. Each of our past and present students is working hard behind-the-scenes in their own space to bring well-needed change to their own schools, putting all their modern pedagogy to use (and with great success)! We thought we'd place the spotlight upon a few of them to learn first-hand exactly how their journey with us has transformed their way of doing things.

We're heading to Cobham School to see what effect their Postgrad experience with us has had on their way of teaching. Hint: individual learning plans and time set aside solely for coding are now a reality...

Next up is Lisa Olsen-Brown, who has used her learnings and newly-assigned influence as Deputy Principal to revolutionise how Waikirikiri School approaches education:

These are just a few success stories emanating from our Postgrad Programme - if only we could capture them all. Want to be our next? Our November and March intakes are ready and waiting for your application - just apply online at

Application for our postgraduate programme is now open:

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Are you the next Shona Scott?

Shona Scott, a teacher at The Garden School, is currently undertaking Postgraduate study right here at The Mind Lab South Auckland.  She’s been teaching for a “very long time”, but thanks to the course, her learning hasn’t stagnated. Instead, it has given her a new lease on her career!

Shona previously used technology as a ‘reward’ for a student’s hard work. Using the class iPad to aid learning was something exclusive to those who were often already good at it. One of the biggest changes Shona has made has been incorporating iPad use into daily activities, available to everyone, not just a select few. Using the tools available through tech has revolutionised her students’ learning, as well as aiding her teaching.

The programme has also acquainted her with the power of collaboration, which she now says means everything to her. Not bad, for someone just part-way through the course, we say! But it’s not just Shona who’s capitalised off her Postgraduate plunge... Her class, made up of six and seven-year-old children, are reaping the benefits of her decision too. She has learnt that giving them greater leeway to decide what they want to study has seen great rewards, and that telling them what to do isn’t always the best approach.

Are you the next Shona Scott?  Learn more about what the Postgrad Programme entails. Or apply now for July intake!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Where should The Mind Lab by Unitec go next?

Today’s education demands new skills, new knowledge, and new connections, no matter where you are. Educators in the regions: The Mind Lab by Unitec heard your call and we have taken on the challenge of meeting you in your backyard - or at least at your local school.

While having eight locations spread across Aotearoa is game-changing in itself, having twelve locations will allow us to have even more of an impact. Over 1,400 educators have completed our Postgrad Programme, and 40,000 kids have been through our physical labs. But this is just the start of our journey and we have so much more ground to cover.

Our goal is simple - to take professional development to the regions. To provide all educators, across Aotearoa with the power to deliver contemporary education practices to their students.

But with demand for our Postgrad Programme coming from every corner of New Zealand, we had a hard choice on our hands: where to next?

Who better to make that decision than the educators themselves! Now’s your chance, folks...

  1. Search for your school or location
  2. Fill in your details to express your interest
  3. Crowd-source some support from other local educators
  4. Once you reach 40 applications, just await our arrival!

The race is on!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Bay of Plenty is abundant in more than you may think…

Much of the time, the beauty of a city is determined by its inhabitants. You could have an adventure park, a crystal-clear lake and natural hot springs on your doorstep… but it’s the community, the inner-workings of its people that make all the difference. 

Rotorua is a city that has the best of both worlds.

Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru is just one Rotorua-district initiative working to take the community to new heights. They believe digital devices have unlimited potential to enhance student learning, and generously support local people with the same mindset. The NEXT Foundation, a nationwide organisation, is devoted to the environmental and educational excellence of future New Zealanders and provides funding to those attempting to do the same.

Both organisations were instrumental in supporting four Rotorua Boys High School staff members to join our 32-week Postgraduate Programme in Digital & Collaborative Learning. Nicky, Rosalind, Matt and Richard work across the curriculum (Science, Social Science, Deputy Principal and Technology) but are united by their Mind Lab journey. As leaders of their faculties, they have felt “empowered”, “excited” and “stimulated” by their journey so far and feel better able to lead their fellow staff members towards a more contemporary teaching pedagogy.

Matt (Deputy Principal) spoke of his Mind Lab experience as a “welcome change” that has generated some “wonderful outcomes” within the school. But it doesn’t end there. Take a peek at the clip to hear more about how their inner transformation has affected the staff and students around them!
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Gareth Haddon - 'NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher' Award Winner

Passionate, dedicated and aspirational are just a few words you could use to describe Gareth Haddon of Aorere College. A ‘NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher’ can now be added to that list. His constant commitment to self-improvement through iterative self-reflection is to be admired, and now acknowledged in award-form. And rightly so!  
Gareth embodies passion, dedication and aspiration. Being a geography, social science and robotics teacher at Aorere College didn’t sway his confidence in applying for, and excelling at, postgraduate study with us. Gareth embraced the journey with open arms and implemented learnings from our every session into his classroom the next day. Integral to this successful process was constant self-reflection. After each lesson Gareth asked himself what could have been improved and took action the next time round.

His future is full of promise. It’s a place where students see him as the teacher that asks more questions than he answers, opening their eyes in the process. It’s also a place where he holds a leadership role in the school and community as a whole. Watch this space!

He recognises the ability of each and every one of his students to achieve greatness - and is providing the perfect environment for them to do so. Congratulations Gareth - the recognition was well deserved.

From everyone at The Mind Lab by Unitec and NEXT Foundation

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